About Us

Operating in the Global POS industry since the last 25 years is MBE POS. MBE Inc. has made a landmark success in the POS industry with new in-roads into United States of America. We aim to stick with deep values of customer satisfaction, keeping up with high profile customer expectations & highly reasonable rates along with business expectations. MBE Inc. is also offering their customers a huge variety of POS systems with added features at the disposal. These variance in features includes, E-Commerce, Terminals and VM or Virtual Merchant Services with a variety in admin tools including printers and the Barcode readers.

We are also highly distinguished with functional and technical expertise. The goal of the firm is highly improved customer experiences and 24/7 technical support. It’s the customer difference that provides us the cutting edge from others as customer satisfaction is highly demanding in the Global POS industry.


The success is aligned with your goals as customers are the priority & the difference as well. In alliance with our merchants, it is indeed a huge success as merchants are the key stakeholders & we aim for their brighter future. We aim to prosper together for the purpose of mutual growth and prosperity in POS industry.


We can be your trusted partners in POS Industry while we adhere to your requirements & industry standards. Ranging from PCI compliance, to software reliability, everything is for customer’s convenience. The attitude that counts, i.e. customer first and merging success into priorities as reputation is worthy.

‘Peace of Mind’ is the key in the compliance industry everywhere and anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Us

Rapid Response & Approval

It will just take hours to approve your merchant account, and finally your terminal shipped & ready to start accepting cards.

Acceptance of Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards with MBE POS, as the cutting edge that’s needed in PCI compliance is readily found.

The Compliance You Need

MBE POS has high safety & security standards worldwide. In other words, the compliance you need is guaranteed.

Most Economical Rates

MBE POS guarantees lowest possible rates as compared to other in the POS industry. Satisfying your business needs every day with a difference.

Installation & A Free Delivery

MBE POS is sensitive for its customer’s needs while providing free delivery and installation. These are part of the rules book & CS procedures.

• Technical Support with 24/7 service Availability

24/7 Customer Tech Support i.e. anything you want to ask our Technical support, at any time shall be acknowledged.

Guaranteeing Lowest Rates

All the major card types are accepted with MBE POS. This includes Visa, Master Card, Interac, & American Express. Cards acceptability is valid via Android Pay, apple Pay, Tap & Chip & Pin.

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1 Month Trial Period

1 Month trial period, cancel within 45 days with no penalty No Contract No Hidden Fees No Rent During Trial Period

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